The Coal Dog Years (2015)

by Dotzauer

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Sebastiano Pozzobon: Bass / Scream Vocals
Nick Rigato: Drum / Clean Vocals
Matteo Gasparin: Guitar
Valerio Zanibellato: Guitar / Scream Vocals


released May 1, 2015

Produced by Carlo Alberto Feltrin and Dotzauer
Recorded and Mixed at Flat Blackbird studio by Carlo Alberto Feltrin.
Mastered by James Plotkin
Music by Dotzauer
Lyrics :
Ison by Nick Rigato
Hive by Valerio Zanibellato
East Rain by Matteo Gasparin
The coal dog years by Sebastiano Pozzobon



all rights reserved


Dotzauer Treviso, Italy

Dotzauer was founded in late 2011 by bassist Sebastiano Pozzobon and guitarist Matteo Gasparin, and later joined by drummer Nick Rigato. The project met with positive reception in early live shows, encouraging members to find new musicians and to further develop a personal style where heavy and telluric structures stand as natural counterparts of hypnotic and embracing passages. ... more

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Track Name: Ison
Moving in silence
Soaring oblique
In a delicate rope
In a dry river
Wearing a breath of warmth


spherical nightmares
Perfect as a dark room
We were in this frame
And they
Could not reset as
We were six
And then two of us
Wandering our choices
Track Name: Hive
One last thing
Before you faint
That door is
The edge of the razor
Concern divided into fright
And experience

What did the old man say?
What did the old man say?
Stand as a pillar
As you take on the swarm

Stripes, dust, and that taste
I won't forget

That's how
A drop of poison
Can ravish harmony
That's how
I met myself
With a chain
Around my neck
Track Name: East Rain
Drop by drop
This gentle rain
Cuts into my thoughts
As it drenches the soil
Its pleasing dripping
Carries the distress
Of startled people
The heat of the blaze
The roar of the burst
The silent threat
Of something that cannot be seen
Cannot be heard
Cannot be prevented
Sudden troubles
Will somehow pass
Leaving room for a lingering pain
That will last beyond
The decay
Track Name: The Coal Dog Years
Sun has split in two
Air burns still
For I am the desert beast
Your sticky mantle planted a seed

A few step, in a past cloud
Warm breath, running to salvation
Our roads had to cross and twine

Don't you stare at me / you can't move forward
Don't you stare at me / You're lying to yourself
Scratch on my back / Froth at the mouth
Scratch on my back / Red eyes point at the throat
Coward / Look now I am armless
Coward / As I eat your soul

Now rest, share terror
Bear the weight of fear to stand alone
Is what you're made for

Nothing will be as before
Why do I move in circles?
Straight and sharp
was the path